Introducing complementary feeding to multiple birth children

Will this be a walk in the park or a herculean task?

What’s it going to be mums?

For my quadruplets I had fears so I had had a lot of strategies in place, even while they were breastfeeding and formula feeding before they were ready for complementary feeding I made sure I didn’t overfeed one while underfeeding the others. I kept a daily register for when I fed who; (which was usually a few minutes apart) and the quantity of milk each one had, this was usually for when I fed them from a bottle. This helped me monitor feeding processes, so as not to end up always feeding the baby who cried more, as a new mum I figured this could happen.

Introduction to complementary feeding came with a lot more questions of which I unraveled answers and solutions to, one day after another.

If you are a mum of multiple children you will need to have this in mind

  1. Every child is unique and might react to  new foods in different ways so be prepared to follow the cues each child is showing and don’t be very fast to compare.
  2. Feeding children together at the same time and creating fun activities during meal times will encourage them to eat more.
  3. When feeding more than one child of same age you most likely will need to run off to get a napkin, cup of water or more food. Instead of interrupting meal time it’s better to have all of these close by.
  4. Watch each baby for food allergies and never generalise on this aspect of your babies feeding.
  5. Most importantly make sure to create tons of fun memories during meal times.

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