Nutrition Programs

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Meal Plan - N5000

A customised meal timetable and recipe book, designed for children.
To help children
Get over picky eating
Eat more vegetables in meals
Add healthy weight 
Meal plan consists of 25 Meals & Recipes
Breakfast, Lunch, Lunch box, Dinner and healthy treats
apples, basket full, set

Feeding Guide - N3500

A one month guide to help children get over all kinds of feeding issues.
Comes with weekly sessions and bi-weekly reviews.
food, health, diet

Meal Plan & Feeding Guide - N7500

Combination of Meal Plan Package and Feeding Guide. Comes with huge dsocunt. (Discount already applied).

tray, breakfast, muesli


Let’s talk one-on-one about your little one’s nutrition habits.


N1000 (online, 30 minutes)

N2500 (physical, 45 minutes)

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