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Taking cues from your baby

One of the interesting moments that comes with being a mum is the fact that only mums can hear all the mixed up baby-talk from toddlers who are learning to talk.

Baby goes mehdvrndjfbfbff and mum says okay sweetie you can have it 🤣🤣.

How amazing!

When my quadruplets started making unclear sentences I was doing a great job figuring out what they were saying even though they all had their different ways of pronouncing words.

So I had to switch interpretation blueprints in my head quite fast as they loved to talk at the same time.

Sometimes I get so confused I’m literally racking my head trying to figure out what one word means while having multiple conversations with all four of them at once.

It was an interesting growth phase.

Well they are communicating much better now at 4 and it’s a whole new interesting phase.

This also happens when introducing complementary meals and feeding multiple children.

Children have preferences from very young ages and this can make them seem picky but it just might be that they prefer one texture over another, or one taste over another.

Parents can learn this from their kids by paying attention to the cues, from a very young age of six months the preferences will start to show and following it will help create an easy feeding experience for both mummy and babies.

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